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Shenan Prestwich is a writer, poet, editor, and Washington, DC native recently transplanted to Portland, OR. Publishing in a wide variety of venues both in print and online, Shenan holds a Master of Arts degree in writing (with a concentration in poetry) from Johns Hopkins University and her first full-length collection of poetry, In the Wake, was recently released from White Violet Press.

Whether writing poetry (primarily in a modern formalist style), delving into short stories, or curating the works of others, she hopes to bring into the world writing that accomplishes what inspires her most about any form of expression: allowing us to understand, for a brief moment, a piece of humanity that is not our own, to live it and breathe it as if it were our own life and breath.

Outside of her literary pursuits, Shenan enjoys long drives, fast bluegrass, old scotch, excessive hospitality, the great outdoors, good people, and bad karaoke. By day, she works as a technical writer/editor.